D. Eadward Tree

D. Eadward Tree

D. Eadward Tree is a pseudonymous magazine-industry insider who provides insights on publishing, postal issues and print media on his blog, Dead Tree Edition.

2020 Print Forecast: Calmer Paper Market, Postal Saga

As the magazine and catalog businesses shrink, paper companies are adjusting their machines to make packaging papers and other products that have growing demand. Also in the forecast: a gathering storm for postal rates.

Are Fully Personalized Magazines in Our Future? It’s Complicated.

With its flexibility and its ability to produce small batches, digital printing is transforming book publishing, direct mail, product packaging, and even the garment industry. But will publishers use data-driven printing to customize ads and editorial and create fully personalized magazines for readers? Sort of.

Why Paper Prices Are Likely to Remain High for Publishers

After a long history of steady climbs followed by dramatic plunges, structural changes in the industry and the market have empowered paper companies to put the brakes on the pricing thrill ride for publishers. Welcome to the new normal for magazine and book paper prices.

2018 Print Forecast: Paper Prices & Postal Rates Will Rise

Yes, folks, it’s that most wonderful time of year, when the kids are back in school and publishers turn their thoughts to everyone’s favorite annual task: budgets. Here to help you is Dead Tree Edition’s annual forecast of paper, postal and print pricing.