Heath Cajandig

Heath Cajandig

Heath Cajandig is VP of Product at Mimeo (Mimeo.com), an innovator of online managed content distribution and printing. Prior to joining Mimeo, he served as the global Web-to-print Product Manager at NowDocs and Electronics for Imaging (EFI). Before focusing on Web technologies, he gained operational experience as a workflow consultant for Xerox and was the digital production manager for University of Missouri Printing Services. Connect with Heath at hcajandig@mimeo.com.

Myths and Reality

At my first job, I was a programmer for an insurance company. While there, my first boss told anybody who would listen that the Internet was "just a fad." As you may be aware, his assessment was slightly off-base.

Web-to-print: Avoiding Typical Missteps

Over the last 15 years, we have seen Web-to-print technologies become increasingly common. Thousands of print providers have stepped up to implement solutions to serve their customers, some with great success and others with not as much.