Tom Marin

Tom Marin

Tom Marin is the Founder and President of MarketCues, Inc., a national consulting firm. He has worked for some of the world’s largest corporations and middle-market firms. Toms focus is to help CEOs drive their strategy shifts and strategic growth programs. Follow MarketCues on Twitter. Tom also welcomes emails new LinkedIn connections or calls to (919) 908-6145. 

Debunking 3 Myths About Keeping Your Team On Track

If you are providing guidance to your organization, then you know getting a group of individuals to work together as a cohesive team to achieve aligned results isn’t easy. However, there are three myths that surround this endeavor of keeping your team on track.

The Importance of Consistency in All Things

Many organizations are not set up to accommodate many kinds of customer interactions and it costs them business! Here are some simple steps to make sure you are both print and Web ready for sales and marketing.

Three Things a Leader Should Do When a Team Member Fails

The primary role of the senior leader of any organization is to bring clarity and cohesion to the team. When a team member makes a large mistake, we must bring further clarity and focus to the team member, however, the reaction from the team member to this refocus can vary greatly.

Strategy's Important Work: MarketCues National Research Results (Part Three)

For many, a strategy is developed through trial and error with the goal of significantly improving the top and/or bottom lines. These are worthwhile goals but in this era of nearly ubiquitous products and services, it's wise to engage with clients first before making any changes to your strategy. What follows are three case studies concerning client engagements MarketCues conducted that show how to link customer insights to strategy to win big.

Strategy's Important Work: MarketCues National Research Results (Part One)

Senior executives often tell us they have a strategy in place, and executives generally believe the issue is increasingly important to their organization's success. But as their strategic programs become challenged in the marketplace by multiple competitive sources, many of whom are using innovation to drive their brand awareness and become better known, challenges to continue to retain key clients become increasingly more difficult.

The Greatest Compliment a Leader Can Receive

King Solomon was born in 990 B.C. in Jerusalem, Israel and died in 931 B.C. During his time on Earth, he was the King of Israel, incredibly wealthy and perhaps the wisest man to ever live. He was the son of King David, Israel’s greatest king. Leaders today do all they can to earn a…

The Four Types of Organizational Change

Change is difficult for many people, leaders included. If you search on Google, "Organizational Change," about 6,000,000 results will be delivered to your browser! Clearly this is a topic that has been well researched and discussed for a very long time. Some conclude that each organization must guide its own destiny by putting in place…

Two Things All Strong Leaders Know

There are two things that every leader has to learn how to do to remain successful. Today, a leader that uses the “Command and Control” practice quickly learns that those being lead are most compliant when he or she is in the room. Those being lead may be saying “Okay” to you but may be wondering why things had…