Tom Tozier

Tom Tozier

Tom Tozier has more than 30 years of experience in the printing industry, having managed and directed both commercial and in-plant printing operations. Most recently, he served as director of Imaging Services for the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Tom recently ventured out on his own and is now president of TNT Sustainable Business Solutions, a consulting firm that promotes and provides services for creating sustainable business practices, measuring and improving print shop effectiveness, and sustainability marketing. He is currently enrolled in the University of Colorado’s Professional Studies program and is working towards earning certification in Sustainability Management.

Who’s Driving the Big Green Bus?

The big green bus has arrived (there really is a big green bus, but I’m speaking metaphorically). The development of sustainable initiatives and programs in business are not only driving that big green bus, they are becoming a driver of business decisions on all levels.

Setting Relevant, Flexible and Measurable Goals

If we want to determine how our actions impact the earth—environmentally, economically and socially—we need to create goals that are relevant, flexible and measurable. These goals need to be relational to an ongoing effort at becoming a more sustainable operation.

How Do You Measure Up?

An ongoing “hot topic” these days is this: just how sustainable does a business practice or an organization need to be in order to be considered “green?” If you’re a printer (in-plant or commercial), is it simply enough to use recycled paper?

Could Sustainability be a Key to Survival?

We have been in a long period of profound anxiety and uncertainty. Everywhere we look we see that administrators, executives and leaders are examining all aspects of the core business they are responsible for, looking for ways to cut costs due to shrinking revenue streams and smaller budgets. What can an in-plant do to keep itself out of the target sights of the cost cutters?

Conference Question: Is Print Dead?

I was invited to participate in a panel at the State University of New York Council for University Advancement (SUNY–CUAD) conference. SUNYCUAD represents professionals employed in advancement areas at every New York State University campus.

What is Sustainability?

Green this, green that, sustainability, recycle, global-warming, ice-melts, polar bears—do you ever feel that you’re just sick of hearing about all these things?

Sustainability in the In-Plant

Welcome to my blog, “Keeping it Green - Sustainability in the In-Plant.” First, I thought I should introduce myself by telling you a little bit about my background.