August 2012


From Computer Programmer to Strategic Partner

For Bob Wright, the true joy of his job as assistant vice president, Print and Distribution, at Unum Global Programs, comes from helping his company’s business leaders do their jobs better. During the 32 years he has spent with the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based provider of disability, life and voluntary insurance products, Wright has moved his department away from the mindset of simply waiting for jobs to arrive, and reshaped it into a genuine business unit for the company.

From the Editor: An August Issue

So you have your August issue in your hands. Notice anything odd about it? For the first time in decades, our August issue has…articles!

Green Button Technology in Print Finishing

Beginning in the mid-90s of the last century, digital technology changed the world and the printing industry along with it. This was a revolution indeed, as the devices employed by printers—while improved over time—had remained substantially unchanged over centuries.

Hot Products for In-plants

Xanté Symphony Workflow is a comprehensive, turnkey PDF workflow featuring support for both the Adobe PDF Print Engine and Adobe PostScript 3. It drives all output devices (platesetters, imagesetters, laser printers, digital color presses, copiers, inkjet printers and plotters) from one RIP. Symphony Workflow’s scanning, trapping, screening, advanced imposition and ganging, Pantone Color Libraries support, and color proofing features are available for all output devices. Symphony Workflow automates tedious, error-prone prepress tasks and offers enhanced imposition that allows mixing of page sizes and orientations on a press sheet.

IPMA Makes a Splash in Kansas City

Nothing wakes you up in the morning quite like a football flying toward your face. That's what greeted attendees of the recent In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) conference during the opening keynote session when speaker Nick Lowery, Kansas City Chiefs' Hall of Famer, began tossing a ball randomly into the crowd as he delivered his inspirational message.

Mastering Social Media

Many printers have embraced the power of social media. They have added it to their marketing mix, and some have certainly used it to generate leads and revenue. However, being able to harness social media has proven tricky for many in the graphic arts industry, and indecipherable for some. There are common traps and pitfalls that can hinder your online marketing efforts. But fear not! There are ways to make social media work for you, and it all starts with a plan.

Thinking Big Leads To Big Profits

The 2011-2012 college basketball season was an exciting time on the campus of Murray State University, in Murray, Ky. The Murray State Racers were the last undefeated Division I team in the nation, and people were beginning to take notice.

Thinking Outside the Mailbox

Lehigh University's Fall 2012 semester begins on August 23, but Glenn Strause, director of Printing and Mailing Services, is focusing on August 22 as a red-letter day for the college's in-plant. Why? The 22nd marks the planned grand opening of Mail at Campus Square, Lehigh's new full-service post office.