In-plant Graphics December 2009 edition


Becoming A Good Steward

As I travel the country in my consulting business, most folks seem to believe in doing the right thing. The grand epiphany for this year is that action is required. Sustainability today has everything to do with being a good steward within your organization.

Keep It In or Send It Out?

RECENTLY, I had the pleasure of meeting an exceptionally kind and open in-plant manager who works for a pharmaceutical company. I was told the shop was recently placed "in scope" by management and was looking for help on how to deal with the situation.

Not Too Late to Change

WHILE ATTENDING the Digital Printing in Government & Higher Education Forum in Washington, D.C., a few weeks ago, I listened to Leslie Rutledge, manager of ReproGraphic Services at San Diego State University, describe how she saved her in-plant.

Promotional Products: A Great Fit

WHAT WOULD you say if you learned you could earn a 40 percent margin on a product you wouldn't have to manufacture or inventory? And what if we told you that this product would be desirable to the customers who are already purchasing your printed products?

Recognition: The Missing Ingredient for Great Results

WANT TO be a more effective manager? One key is to develop an environment where your team members can be motivated to excel. The secret to developing a motivating work environment is the use of positive consequences such as recognition.

Spread Roots and Be Indispensable

"WE DON'T tell upper management everything that the machine can do. If they knew, well… (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) then there would be more work for us."

The Largest In-plants

THERE ARE some pretty big in-plants in North America. To find out who they are, we surveyed our readership. Not all of the largest in-plants replied, but most of them did, allowing us to create two lists: The largest in-plants according to the number of full-time-equivalent employees. (Half of the part-time/temporary employee count was added to the full-time figure.)

Three Critical In-plant Trends for 2010

Today's marketing and sales focus includes listening to your customers' changing needs and responding before someone else can create a competitive advantage.

What Makes an In-plant Successful?

"ARE THERE any studies that demonstrate the superiority of an in-plant as opposed to outsourcing printing?" That request was sent to one of the e-mail listservs I participate on.

 Print Is Truly Green

AT PRINT 09, The Print Council released a new position paper that lists 10 strong reasons why print is a sustainable and environmentally responsible communications medium.