In-plant Graphics January 2011


Changing the In-plant Perspective: Part Two

Financial savings can be calculated in a variety of ways. Here is an approach that creates a more accurate estimate, based upon job types.

Get the Most from Your Digital Paper

Digital papers will save you money by yielding better ink transfer and adhesion, fewer jams, increased uptime and less waste. Also, using the wrong paper could ultimately harm your equipment. You may end up with increased service costs with your very expensive and valuable digital equipment.

QR Codes: 
Become the Expert

DWAYNE MAGEE first heard about QR codes at last June's IPMA conference. "It was the most exciting thing I'd seen at a conference in a long time," he recalls. Watching a demonstration of how the two-dimensional barcodes could be scanned with a smart phone and instantly open a specific Web site on the phone's browser gave Magee lots of ideas.

Rush Jobs: 
The New Reality

RECENTLY AN item was posted on the IPMA listserv entitled "Rush Jobs." The posting pointed out the headaches caused by constantly shrinking deadlines. There were quite a number of responses to the original posting. It is a subject all of us deal with on a regular basis.

Steven Howe: Driven to Succeed

STEVEN HOWE'S drive has been integral to his professional success at previous jobs and in his current role as manager of Printing Services, Stores and Mail Operations for the city of Cincinnati. But it was his driving that steered him onto the right career path.