In-plant Graphics June 2011


ACUP Roundup in Texas

It may have looked and felt just like a traditional ACUP conference, but when the Association of College and University Printers met in Dallas in April, it was really a new beginning. This was the association's first meeting as a dues-paying, non-profit organization.


NESTLED NEXT to Omaha, Neb., the Village of Boys Town is small and self-contained, but the impact of the Boys Town organization headquartered there is far-flung and boundless. Founded by Father Edward J. Flanagan in 1917 as a home for boys who needed one, Boys Town now describes itself as "one of the largest, publicly funded non-profit child-care agencies in the country

Hot Products

Hot Products for in-plants, including InfoPrint ProcessDirector (IPPD) a modular software and Océ PRISMAproduction software, :Apogee 7 workflow management suite, inkjet papers, FSC-certified paper and more.

New UV Coater Makes Georgia In-plant Shine

Customers want gloss. That’s what Randall Bramlett started to notice last year. What’s more, they were going off campus to get it. This was troubling to Bramlett, manager of Printing Services at Columbus State University.

Serving His City With Pride

Service is in Greg Cooper's blood. The self-described "Navy brat" lived up and down the East Coast as a child, as his father moved from ship to ship during his career in the Navy. He followed in his father's footsteps, entering the armed forces by joining the U.S. Air Force in 1989.

Shop Ready to Grow

Ever Since she took over Kellogg Community College's print shop seven and a half years ago, June Lewis has never had more than one or two student helpers to assist her. But after an equipment overhaul a few years ago at the Battle Creek, Mich., in-plant and a two-year effort to restore confidence in the shop's capabilities, Lewis says her full-time staff is about to double.

Survey Results: In-plants at Non-profit Organizations

In-plants at non-profits play an especially crucial role for their organizations: they reduce the cost of printing, allowing the non-profit to put those savings to use to fulfill its mission. Our recent survey of in-plants at non-profit organizations brought in 37 responses.

Ulterior Motives

Private sector printers have been bad-mouthing in-plants since time immemorial. Hungry for business, they have long tried to shame governments/universities/companies into privatizing their printing, with claims of their own superior prices, quality and service.

 Streamlines Workflow at Steelcase

For Years, the in-plant at Steelcase Inc. received jobs in a variety of disjoined ways: e-mail, FTP and even physical drop-offs. Back in 2006, only about 40 percent of jobs were submitted electronically to the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based in-plant, mostly via e-mail. This had begun to take its toll on the productivity of the five-employee shop.

What’s New in the Bindery?

Though digital printing equipment made the biggest splash at the On Demand Conference and Exposition in March, the Washington, D.C. show was chock full of bindery equipment too. IPG visited all of the major bindery vendors. Here's a look at what we saw.