A Better Way to Manage

Located in the southern portion of western Oregon's Willamette Valley, about two hours south of Portland, Springfield Public Schools (SPS) is the second largest employer in the city of Springfield. Its 22 schools host about 10,600 students and employ 800 teaching staff and 400 administrators and support staff.

Cross-Media: an Overlooked Opportunity for In-plants?

As in-plants seek new service and product offerings to maintain their relevance to customers within their parent organizations, one service that should not be overlooked is cross-media marketing. Once implemented, it can allow them to capture a larger portion of their customers' total communications­—not just print.

Designing a Better In-plant

"I wanted to be a graphic designer when I started out," reflects Karen Meyers, business manager of Printing Services at Michigan Farm Bureau. Enthralled by a high school graphic arts course, the Grand Rapids, Mich., native enrolled at Central Michigan University, where she majored in industrial supervision and management with a graphics concentration. While at CMU, Meyers took an internship with The Planning and Zoning Center where she helped lay out newsletters during school breaks.

From the Editor: Fall In-plant Festivals

It's been a very active Autumn for in-plants. After all the September in-plant gatherings, like the ones at PRINT 13 and then the SUPDMC conference, October brought even more meetings for managers.

FSC Certification: 'A Good Investment'

For in-plants eager to show their commitment to their organizations' sustainability policies, earning chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has been worth its weight in gold. Sustainability has become a critical strategic initiative, particularly at universities, and becoming FSC certified has helped many in-plants show their support of this goal.

In-plants Unite!

In six locations across the country, in-plants have been gathering over the past month for one-day networking forums. Coordinated by the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association, the regional meetings were designed to bring in-plants together with others in their areas while spreading the word about the benefits IPMA can bring to them.

New Cutter Aids Christian Broadcasting Network's Ministries

The Christian Broadcasting Network has served as the benchmark for religious programming for over 50 years. Founded by televangelist Pat Robertson in 1961, the Virginia Beach, Va.-based organization is well known for The 700 Club, an iconic popular live TV program. It also runs the 24-hour CBN News outlet and Superbook, a children's ministry segment that involves animation to tell stories from the Bible.

Russian Delegation Visits Four U.S. In-plants

Although U.S. institutes of higher education might feel they are the only ones facing revenue shortfalls in this sour economic climate, these challenges are world wide. To better understand how U.S. colleges and universities are seeking alternative sources of revenue, a delegation of Russian university senior administrators recently toured four campuses in the northeast, accompanied by Ed Danielczyk, president/owner of business eXcellence consulting, who organized the visit.

Self-Evaluation: Don't Hide From It

For years we have heard that in-plants are being asked to make do with less. On the heels of this push for efficiency, some in-plants are now receiving an even more challenging request: they are being asked to perform an internal review or to secure an outside evaluation of their operation.

Using His Noodle

Paul Roberts thinks he may have found the next big thing for his in-plant: wallNOODLE. For the past couple of months, University of New Hampshire Printing and Mailing Services has been having great success printing graphics and signage on this adhesive, easily removable substrate from MACtac. It uses an acrylic pressure sensitive-adhesive so customers can press it against a wall, reposition it, and remove it without leaving adhesive residue behind.

Well-managed Care

Location may not be everything, but being situated inside Parkview Health's headquarters has certainly helped Printing and Postal Services secure its position as Parkview's primary provider of print and related services. What has enabled the in-plant to thrive, though, has been its consistent ability to reduce costs, raise quality and add value for Parkview, an 8,700-employee, not-for-profit community-based health system serving northeastern Indiana and Ohio.