Andrew D. Paparozzi

Andrew D. Paparozzi

Andrew D. Paparozzi joined PRINTING United Alliance as Chief Economist in 2018. He analyzes and reports on economic, technological, social and demographic trends that will define the printing industry’s future. His most important responsibility, however, is being an observer of the industry by listening to the issues and concerns of company owners, executives and managers.Previously, he worked 31 years at the National Association for Printing Leadership. He has also taught mathematics, statistics and economics at various colleges.Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics f rom Boston College and a Master’s degree in economics — with concentrations in econometrics and public finance — from Columbia University.

Supply Chain Crisis: How Printers Are Responding, Who Is Going to Win

The supply chain crisis has affected the printing industry as deeply as any recession. Consequences range from rampant cost inflation to clients moving from print to electronic alternatives. How are printing companies responding? And how effective have their responses been?

Economic Outlook 2022: Graphic and Sign Production

Wide-format printers view 2022 with a mix of optimism and realism. They expect to grow and see opportunity in a broad range of products. But they also expect supply shortages and labor shortages.

Key Ways for Printers to Excel in 2022

While the challenges for printers in a post-COVID world are certainly present, companies continue to develop strategies for growth, including new sales approaches, capital expenditures, and deeper dives into digital technologies.

Printing Industry Leading Indicators Turn Up at the Start of 2021

Confidence and quote activity have turned sharply higher, according to preliminary results of the first-quarter 2021 Print Business Indicators Survey. The gains reflect progress in controlling COVID-19 and the renewed vigor of the American economy.

The Question: Temporary or Permanent?

The COVID crisis has changed business and consumer behavior in many ways. But which of the changes are temporary and which are permanent? Answering correctly is essential to participating in the recovery ahead.

Printing Industry Outlook: Preparing for the Upturn in 2021

It appears the numbers we’re seeing for the printing industry and the American economy will be revised up rather than down as we move into the new year. The bottom line: An upturn is coming. Let’s be ready for it.

Preparing for Recovery

Expect the printing industry to grow in 2021, boosted by a sharp upturn in the American economy. We can be sure, however, that the upcoming recovery will be selective, giving some companies a lift, while shutting others out.

Restarting the Economy: What Printers Can Expect

The economic lockdown is easing. Businesses are reopening. There’s pent-up demand for all the things we haven’t been able to do or purchase in months. This is what can be expected when the economy begins its recovery.

New Skillsets Required for Growth in the Print Industry

The consensus is that sustained profitability isn’t about finding the next big thing. Rather, it’s about cultivating skills in mission-critical disciplines. The key for printers is cultivating skills in several areas, not one or two.