Five Trends Your Customers Are Watching

Knowing what trends your customers are paying close attention to can help you capture more of their dollars, and ensure you are positioned to be the partner they can rely on.

Mark Nixon of Scodix on Trends Impacting Digital Finishing Enhancements Today

We sat down with Mark Nixon, the EVP of global sales and marketing at Scodix, to chat about digital finishing enhancement and embellishment trends in the printing industry, including commercial printing and package printing.

Some New Opportunities Go Beyond Ink

A discussion of opportunities in drone arrays, projection mapping, and bridges to the virtual world is presented for producers of wide-format graphics.

Business Management

Knowing what trends your customers are paying close attention to can help you capture more of their dollars, and ensure you are positioned to be the partner they can rely on.

A discussion of opportunities in drone arrays, projection mapping, and bridges to the virtual world is presented for producers of wide-format graphics.

With nearly 36% of printing industry employees at or near retirement age, there's no better time to cultivate new talent. Combining immersive education with hands-on experience is the No. 1 way to equip tomorrow’s print professionals with the tools they need to foster the growth ahead.

Wide-Format Printing

The workhorse of the retail sign industry is the large-format vinyl banner. Vinyl banners are great because they grab attention with their eye-catching graphics and increase profits through increased in-store foot traffic.

In some ways the digital transformation of textile printing has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Considerations of print speed, print quality, and flexibility factor strongly in wide-format equipment purchases. A strategy involving all three is essential.

In-plant Justification

Fueled by the pandemic, industry consultants have recently been promoting the outsourcing of in-plant work. Here's a strategy to prepare for such discussions.

In his latest blog, Greg Cholmondeley talks about the reasons many in-plants do not have up-to-date and relevant strategic plans.

Every year that I moderate an ideal panel session at the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association conference I get some great ideas from the panelists. This year, the session was called "Winning In-plant Ideas” and featured three healthcare in-plant leaders.


The future of direct mail has never looked brighter. 67% of marketers say direct mail delivers the best ROI of any channel they use. But to tap into this demand, you have to automate.

When you run wide-format inkjet equipment, it's imperative that you perform a nozzle check each morning. Think of it as a "check engine" light on your car that tells you if you should drive it or not.

During the pandemic, in-plants have been forced to develop new ways to operate or reexamine how they work. We have been working with them to build new workflows or help them take full advantage of the systems they already have, so they can work smarter with fewer touches and staff, on-site or remotely.


Material choice is an incredibly tricky process and can cause all sorts of headaches for print companies. After all, if you don’t get this decision right, you put the quality of valuable projects at risk and could incur additional, unnecessary costs.

Mounting adhesives were used extensively in the early days of digital imaging, but their use has waned in recent years.

Hunter Bliss runs a small, innovative printing business based in Shenzhen, China, called Pebble Printing Group. It specializes in radical sustainability, with an emphasis on stone paper.


Failure to agree on a technical fix to the bill has pushed further discussion in the Senate to February 28. PRINTING United Alliance advocates for the swift passage of this critical legislation.

The USPS released its long-anticipated 10-year strategic plan this week and it’s a decidedly mixed bag for the commercial mailing sector, a supply chain that includes printing and packaging, and one that in 2019 generated an estimated $1.6 trillion in sales.

Well planned, executed, and shared audits improve compliance, service, and expectations. Here is what you need to know.

Production Inkjet

According to the research, roughly 6,000 printers are considering an investment in B2 inkjet printing over the next two years.

A NAPCO Research report, Delivering New Levels of Value with Continuous-Feed Inkjet Printing, highlights the current state of technology capabilities, application opportunities, print customer demands, and investment considerations for print service providers and in-plants.

Offering print providers the ability to create surprising, innovative printed products, the new PX3000 UV inkjet press increases “wow" factor and speeds delivery, while at the same time controlling costs, even as customer SKUs increase. PRINTING United Booth 10564 and 9344.

Digital Printing

The 2021 Inkjet Summit kicked off yesterday afternoon, punctuating strong evidence of a resurgent post-pandemic printing industry.

The imagePRESS C850 offers print speeds of up to 85 letter-size images per minute, duplex, long-sheet printing, and can handle heavier, coated or textured stock. The imagePRESS C850 also features in-line finishing options including creasing and trimming. PRINTING United Booth 7016.

Each year, EFI hosts its customers, partners, media and analysts at its signature event, EFI Connect.


EPA issued a new rule that reduces the regulatory requirements for waste aerosol cans. The new rule is aimed at improving recycling and reducing the cost and burden of aerosol can management by imposing less stringent regulatory requirements on the cans.

A new film from LINTEC is applied wet and provides an excellent, print-protecting solution for companies in the graphic, in-plant, and visual communication segments. Made with 80% recycled PET materials, it offers a sustainable option. PRINTING United Booth 5104.

By integrating Two Sides materials into the school's curriculum, the faculty educates Digital Media students on the importance of the paper and print industry and the unique sustainable features of paper products.

Binding & Finishing

Broadside accordion folds, or single sheet accordion folds on cover stock, each require scoring in the first section before the right angle fold.

Even the simplest bindery department can be a complicated operation with a mix of post-press machinery, procedures and materials. No matter how well-trained an operator or manager, it's easy to miss something that leads to a mistake. A checklist can prevent mistakes with surprising results.

Nearly all of the successful marketing strategies were inspired by ideas from outside the printing industry.

Sheetfed Offset Printing

This is the time of year when organizations evaluate their current position and start thinking about things that they need to change.

IPG blogger Dwayne Magee takes a trip down printing’s memory lane by sharing an amusing collection of tips for printers.