Dan Marx

Dan Marx

Dan Marx, Senior Editor of the Impressions Group, holds extensive knowledge of the graphic communications industry, resulting from his nearly three decades working closely with business owners, equipment and materials developers, and thought leaders. He has been published in industry publications worldwide, presented at industry events across segments, and served as an enthusiastic ambassador for new processes and emerging business directions.

Successful Inkjet Summit Wraps Up

As the industry’s first in-person event in nearly two years, this week’s Inkjet Summit looked and felt in every way like a pre-pandemic event.

2021 Inkjet Summit Begins

The 2021 Inkjet Summit kicked off yesterday afternoon, punctuating strong evidence of a resurgent post-pandemic printing industry.

Three Strategies for Differentiating Your Wide-Format Business

As a printing segment, wide-format is mature. While the technologies continue to be refined, and the materials get upgraded, the core concept remains unchanged. As the points of differentiation that were once critical selling points lose their punch, what can wide-format producers do to differentiate their businesses?

Mimaki Highlights Culture of Innovation, Announces New Products

As a part of its online Global Innovation Days Conference, equipment manufacturer Mimaki provided its take on a handful of imaging-focused segments, and announced new technologies and an initiative designed to expand what imaging technologies can do.

The Importance of Paper for Color Consistency Across Platforms

Correct color reproduction for multiple types of printing involves multistep processes, with each step offering numerous variants — one of which is paper/substrate and its inherent considerations. As a result, knowledge, measurement, and consistency are paramount.

Digital Textile Printing: A New Opportunity

Printing soft signage, pole signs, exhibit displays and other applications onto textile materials may be within your in-plant’s capabilities and offer a new business opportunity to explore.

Expand Your Wide-Format Repertoire

Window graphics, wallpaper, floor graphics, murals — decorative items like these can be produced by any in-plant with the proper wide-format equipment.

A Better Bang for the Buck

Interest in wide-format printing is high among in-plants, but success hinges on making the right equipment and substrate choices.