Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross is the principal analyst of NAPCO Research (a unit of NAPCO Media) where she conducts market research and analysis on emerging trends and changing dynamics in the commercial, in-plant and packaging industries, and the market forces that are driving those changes. With decades of experience covering the graphic arts and marketing industries, Cross has authored thousands of articles on a variety of topics, including technology trends,  business strategy, sales, marketing and legislation.

Three Key Takeaways from NAPCO Research’s Who Buys Wide-Format Study

Sign and display graphic buyers and providers that participated in a NAPCO Research survey reported solid growth across all applications this year. Both groups reported current spending is growing or holding steady across nearly all graphic applications, and decreases are limited in scope.

9 Proven Strategies Powering Wide-Format Sales

Sales is the lifeblood of all businesses. Because of its importance, defining and following key actions that will grow and protect sales is critical to all wide-format print providers, and firms that invest time and resources in their sales efforts and processes experience strong growth.

2021 Wide-format Growth Opportunities

Predicting growth opportunities in 2021 for applications printed on wide-format printing devices is tricky. Much of what will happen this year will depend on when limitations on in-person events are lifted, businesses can operate at full capacity, and schools can reopen fully.

5 Reasons to Automate Your Print Production Workflow

According to a recent report, automation improves results and broader adoption is essential for the industry to take full advantage of all the benefits workflow automation offers. The survey results identify five key reasons to invest in tools to automate workflow.

Four Ways Inkjet Printing Delivers New Levels of Value

A NAPCO Research report, Delivering New Levels of Value with Continuous-Feed Inkjet Printing, highlights the current state of technology capabilities, application opportunities, print customer demands, and investment considerations for print service providers and in-plants.

Print Buyers Reveal What They Expect From Providers

Looking to define new key print buyer expectations, NAPCO Research surveyed over 200 print buyers or influencers, which revealed essential insights on what print buyers and influencers expect from providers, ways to enhance the buyer experience, and strategies for outreach and engagement.

What Would Peter Drucker Recommend Today?

Peter Drucker’s timeless advice can still help steer any operation through challenging market conditions. His insights and recommendations are still relevant and can be applied in making business decisions in today’s unprecedented COVID-19 business environment.

New Research Offers Advice for Finding, Retaining Skilled Workers

Finding and hiring staff is an ongoing challenge for in-plants and other print service providers. New research indicates that creative methods of retention, such as in-house training programs, are critical to attracting and retaining skilled workers.

Who Buys Wide-Format?

NAPCO Research surveyed marketers that purchase or influence decisions regarding sign and display graphics to uncover buyer needs, purchasing criteria and areas of opportunity.