Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

New Facility Strengthens Service at Historic University

One of the country’s oldest Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff recently moved its in-plant into a larger facility that combines print, mail, and smart lockers.

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Signage

Legislation and regulations continue to shape the sign and graphics industry. Perhaps the most critical piece of legislation from the past year was a case in Austin, Texas, that went to the Supreme Court.

From Manual Labor to Digital Ease

Web-to-print has transformed the day-to-day operations of the in-plant serving the Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners by reducing touch points, increasing efficiency, and freeing up staff to take on more jobs.

Vanderbilt University: From Closure to Comeback

Despite being closed just before the pandemic, Vanderbilt University Printing Services has experienced a remarkable rebirth through strategic investments and efforts to rebuild trust with the university community.

Tips for Choosing the Right Materials for Your Applications

When it comes to the success — or failure — of a project, sometimes it doesn’t hinge on the installation, the print quality, or the turn around times. Instead, what can make or break a project is the choice of what substrate it’s produced on.

Automation is a Journey, Not a Destination

The single biggest takeaway from the "The Automation Audit: How to Identify and Streamline Your Operation’s Weakest Points" at PRINTING United Expo in Atlanta, is that automation isn’t a simple process, or something that has a start and stop date.

Staffing and Labor in 2024 and Beyond

While the pandemic has taken a back seat, and businesses of all types and sizes are ramping back up, there is one challenge still plaguing printers across the country: staffing.