Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

Deer Valley's Ambitious Approach

With the smashing success of its digital curriculum program, Deer Valley Unified School District Graphic Communications is now expanding that program to other Arizona schools.

Vehicle Graphics 101

Wrapping your organization’s vehicles is an excellent way to contribute to its marketing goals, boosting your in-plant’s value. Here’s how to get started.

Coloring Outside the Lines

The omnichannel approach to branding is spreading to encompass every printed component, which means wide-format printers can no longer afford to ignore the concept or fail to find ways to integrate it into their own business models.

3D Printing: What’s the Status?

3D printing made a big splash a few years back. Now that some time has passed, we checked in with some of the early adopters to see how they fared.

Making a Modern Day In-plant

Jo Ann Duron has transformed Northern Virginia Community College’s in-plant into a powerhouse offering a range of services.

Adding Diversity to the Print Process

Contour cutting adds a new dynamic range to the types of jobs in-plant printers can offer. In-plants say having this capability is opening the door to a variety of more complex signage

Villanova Finds Success in Diversification

Adding wide-format printing and engraving capabilities has helped Villanova University Central Services achieve growth and success even as its traditional print work declines.

Numbering, Perforating Machine Brings Work In-house, Saving Time

Sending numbering, perforating and scoring jobs to an outside service provider can create a lot of uncertainty. To put an end to this inconsistency and bring work back in-house, San Bernardino Community College District installed a new device and hasn’t looked back since.

In-plant Helps Patients Heal

Regional Health’s in-plant uses wide-format printing to make patient rooms warmer and more welcoming.

In-plants Add Efficiency With Print MIS

No, those old spreadsheets don’t do the exact same thing as a print MIS solution. Implementing this technology in your in-plant will improve automation and job tracking, let you generate better reports and increase the productivity of your staff.