Lauren Searson

Lauren Searson

Lauren Searson has been the Managing Editor for the SGIA Journal since November 2017 and has worked in publications for more than 10 years.

A Dedication to Education

Having watched his in-plant progress over nearly five decades, Rich Trottier is proud of the work he has done to support the teachers of Lakeland Union High School.

Enhancing Postal Efficiency

After redesigning its postal operation and upgrading it with the latest systems, East Tennessee State University Postal and Passport Services has leveraged its new efficiency to bring time and cost savings to the university.

Coborn’s Print Services: ‘A Vital Asset’

Providing all the printing for a large grocery chain is a challenging task, but the four-person in-plant team at Coborn’s Inc. does it with style, spoiling its customers with fast service.

BYU Print and Mail: A Constant State of Reinvention

Being a leader means never sitting still, which is why Brigham Young University Print and Mail keeps reinventing itself. With an inkjet press in place, and another in its sights, the country’s largest university in-plant is planning for even more growth.

Beyond Paper: Opportunities in Specialty Printing

Print today is more than ink on paper: it’s ink on metal, glass, ceramic, and other substrates. But like adding any new service, there are different considerations with these applications, including the technologies involved, and what markets and trends are driving these opportunities.

Determining the Best Path for Digitally Printing Fabric

When considering soft signage and other wide-format fabric applications, both direct-to-fabric printing and dye-sublimation transfer are viable options. But which will work best for the applications your in-plant has in mind?

Leading with Carefully Considered Decisions

Having transitioned Ohio University Printing Services to a digital operation, Blaine Gabriel continues to ensure the decisions he makes are backed by research and buy-in from his staff.

The Role of Wide-Format in Window Displays

Businesses should take full advantage of their window space, and make sure their signage, posters, window clings, and fabric displays are fully branded with the appropriate colors and messaging

Unexpected Passion Becomes Lifetime Career

Though lured into graphic communications by the “artsy stuff,” Chelle Palmer, found she loved being a press operator, a passion that has changed her life.

Michele Woodrum: Building on a Strong Foundation

Though she never intended to work in the insurance industry, Michele Woodrum says she’s “having a blast” leading the print and mail team at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance.

Print Shops Excel With Toner-Based Digital Presses

One session during the PRINTING United Digital Experience focused on the role of toner-based digital printing in the commercial printing segment and featured the experiences of two commercial printers that have successfully incorporated digital printing into their operations.