Greg Cholmondeley

Greg Cholmondeley

Greg Cholmondeley is president of Cholmonco Inc. Cholmonco is a technology marketing consulting company that researches, analyzes and documents best practices and innovative solutions. Cholmondeley is especially interested in how industry leaders efficiently get work through digital printing and marketing services operations. He has also written two fictional novels. The first is titled “Nakiwulo and the Circle of Shiva” and the second is called “Princess.” You can learn more about his consulting practice and read more of his blogs at You can discover his books at

The Killer App for When the World Restarts

The world will reopen, although no one is sure when or how. Suddenly restarting a vast number of companies can mean big business for printers. It also provides business development and preparation activities you can pursue right now.

Changing the In-plant Perspective

In-plants that view themselves as being in their parent organization’s business will develop strategies to help the organization thrive and meet its goals.

Five Strategic Planning Myths Busted

There are several reasons in-plants give for not having up-to-date and relevant strategic plans, but all of them are bogus, says Analyst Greg Cholmondeley.

Trevecca Nazarene Brings Print Back In-house

Trevecca Nazarene University has a digital print shop that produces everything from tests to full-blown marketing campaigns. The in-plant was not always successful, though. In 2013, the shop was filled with older copy machines, which were so outdated the university was considering closing the shop. Then something happened to change all that.

Trevecca Nazarene University In-plant Pulls Off Major Turnaround

Trevecca Nazarene University’s in-plant went from an offset shop at risk of being closed to an organization that manages the fleet of printers across campus with a central digital print shop. IPG Blogger Greg Cholmondeley explores this success story.

New Workflow Automation for In-plants

I recently reviewed two new workflow automation solutions that seem to be particularly well suited for in-plants: Canon’s PRISMAdirect

Let Me Tell You a Story…

Somehow, we usually lean in and listen a little more eagerly when we hear the phrase, “Let me tell you a story…” It’s just human nature