David Wilaj

David Wilaj

David Wilaj reports on economic and industry trends which aim to help printers navigate an ever-changing business environment

He joins the Printing United Alliance research team after beginning his career at Printing Industries of America where he analyzed, reported and spoke on key trends in commercial print and aided in the revitalization of the historic Performance Ratios program.

Supply Chain Disruptions, Labor Shortages Expected in 2022

As we enter the new year, we will do so with many of the same industry issues that were present throughout 2021. To gauge what 2022 will look like, we asked survey respondents to describe the issues that they are likely to face in the coming year.

Print Sales Accelerate, But Hiring Shortage Remains

This is the sixth in a series of COVID-19 Print Business Indicators Research reports that examines the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the printing industry, how printers are responding to the crisis, and how they can create a path forward.

After Drastic Falls, Print Production, Employment Level Off

When looking at certain economic and industry indicators, it is easy to see exactly when the COVID-19 pandemic began to debilitate business. Fortunately, industries were able to adjust and although we remain far from pre-pandemic levels, these same indicators have already shown plenty of recovery progress.

Potential Policy Changes Following the 2020 Elections

As things currently stand, Former Vice President Joe Biden has secured enough electoral votes to become the President. Although President Trump has yet to concede the election, it may be time to start considering how the new administration’s policy changes can affect both business and the industry as a whole. 

COVID-19 Business Indicators Show Recovery, But a Rocky Road Still Lies Ahead

The first half of 2020 has been burdened by one of the most brutal economic environments printing operations have likely ever experienced. Although a rise in COVID-19 cases will certainly set our economy back, it does not discount the clear steps toward recovery that the country has seen over the past few months.

Research: Graphic and Sign Producers Seeing Rebound

According to NAPCO Research and the PRINTING United Alliance, graphic and sign producers were hit hard as the pandemic forced closures in March and April. Since then, things have improved dramatically, but the average change is still negative.