David Zwang

David Zwang

David Zwang specializes in production optimization, strategic business planning, market analysis, and related services to companies in the vertical media communications market. He can be reached at david@zwang.com.

Expo Hot Products Spotlight: Matik SEI Laser LabelMaster

The Matik SEI Laser LabelMaster is making its North American debut at PRINTING United 2023 and it's a "must see." The LabelMaster is the fastest continuous feed CO2 laser system in the market, performing various laser-based processes all inline in a single pass.

Expo Hot Products Spotlight: Canon imagePRESS V1350

The Canon imagePRESS V1350 is making its North American debut at PRINTING United 2023 and it's a "must see." The press provides a great opportunity for printers looking into packaging applications in addition to a range of commercial print applications.

Optimize Your Workflow

A GOOD PRODUCTION workflow is one of the main factors in meeting deadlines and profitability. Historically, the answer to creating an effective workflow has been to throw people at it. Not only is that expensive, but with the increasing complexity of the tools and processes required, it demands very skilled operators. And finding and training these operators can be a big challenge in itself. Now, automating everything is not always practical. For example, any process that requires some subjective decision making is not usually suited to automation; however, we should be using technology to replace many of those predetermined and repetitive tasks. That is