Erik Cagle

Erik Cagle
University of Scranton: Reset, Re-Energized and Ready for Action

The University of Scranton’s Printing and Mailing Services has undergone a reboot and transformation of its operation in the wake of former director Ray Burd’s tragic, untimely passing. A wealth of new equipment and capabilities has continued Burd’s quest to serve the university’s overall mission.

Creaser Improves Fold Quality for Oregon In-plant

If you want a job scored properly, Dave Juvenal maintains, then it should be done on press. But Juvenal is slowly being won over in his role with Print & Mail at the University of Oregon. The 21-employee shop ushered in 2017 with the installation of a Duplo DC-646 slitter/cutter/creaser

Safety Concerns Drive Cutter Upgrade

Convincing a parent organization that the time is right to update legacy equipment can often prove to be difficult, given tight budgets and stringent measuring sticks used for the justification of a purchase. But in the case of the Richland School District (RSD) Print Shop, it was a simple matter of employee safety.

Fortifying the Front End

Oregon’s Publishing & Distribution division is implementing both print shop management and Web-to-print software to augment its efficiency, data measurement and customer service efforts in a true cost recovery environment.

Inkjet and Paper: An Improving Relationship

The relationship between inkjet ink and substrate is not perfect, but it’s constantly evolving and improving. A panel of observers provides some perspective.

The Magic Kingdom of Print

Ever notice how the slightest changes to your little corner of the world can make a significant difference?

Inkjet’s Disruptive Influence

Considering that many cut-sheet inkjet machines have been in action for only a few months, the thought of them ultimately stealing away volume from their sheetfed offset and digital toner neighbors smacks of premature speculation. That would be akin to a VP being worried about losing her job to a college intern. Sure, the intern…

Startup Flourishes with Customer Service

Think you don’t need a Web-to-print system in your in-plant? Read how this print neophyte started a thriving online print business based on a new approach. Perhaps your old approach needs some updating.

Color Matching Digital With Offset

Digital and offset presses are used together on a mixture of materials so printers need to stand up to the challenge of color matching.

Inkjet Color Conundrum

Mary Schilling, an expert on color and inks, and coauthor of “The Designer’s Guide to Inkjet,” points out that issues arise when designers don’t have a consistent color space with the output device that is being targeted. Many designers use SWOP or are just oblivious — using the color space that was the default of the…

Designing for Inkjet

It doesn’t take much prodding to get Elizabeth Gooding engaged on the subject of designing for inkjet. She has no shortage when it comes to insights on the challenges involved in preparing files for inkjet printing. She could write a book on the subject. And that she has. Last year, Gooding and fellow ink-on-paper guru…