Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts is the Managing Editor of the Printing & Packaging Group.

Inkjet Summit Day Three: The Benefits of Knowledge

As day three of the 10th annual Inkjet Summit wrapped up, attendees dispersed, returning to their shops motivated, changed, and hyped to expand the use of inkjet in their production.

Inkjet Summit Wraps Up

For all Inkjet Summit attendees, this second day of the event will take them closer to the solutions they seek.

Next-Level Printing: 10th Inkjet Summit Begins

The mood was electric as the 10th Inkjet Summit began Monday evening. The popular event includes about two dozen in-plant managers as well as other printing business owners eager to learn more about production inkjet printing.

New Flatbed UV Device Causes ‘Paradigm Shift’ at Boys Town

When one of your services increases at a rate of up to 500% over the course of three to four years, it only makes sense to invest in a device that will reduce turnaround time, increase productivity, and eliminate workarounds, as was the case for the Boys Town Print Shop.

EFI Joins PRINTING United User Experience at PRINTING United 2021

EFI will host a paid training event for customers as part of the PRINTING United User Experience during PRINTING United 2021, which is designed to provide OEMs, industry groups, and associations with a customer event package to let them reconnect while on site at PRINTING United.

Transaction Printers Should Place Value Over Volume

It's important to understand where the competition is coming from and how to position your transaction printing business in the most profitable way. On day four of the Virtual Inkjet Summit, Elizabeth Gooding addressed this issue and how the path to evolution is essential.

Data Literacy Can Enhance the Power of Print

During the opening session of day 2 of the Virtual Inkjet Summit, Tim Curtis, CEO of CohereOne, explored the relationship between print and digital marketing and the need for printers to develop data literacy.

HP Indigo Product Launches Reflect Commercial Printing Evolution

HP Indigo revealed new and reimagined devices developed to meet evolving customer needs and consumer demands. One such product is the first device in Indigo's Series 5 platform, the HP Indigo 100K B2-format digital press, designed to look and sound like an offset device, but function like an Indigo.

Production Inkjet: ‘It’s Not That Big a Risk’

Much has changed since the first Inkjet Summit in 2013. Inkjet technology has not only proven itself, it’s becoming more mainstream, so the opportunity to use inkjet to get ahead of the competition is fading fast.