Bob Neubauer

Bob Neubauer

Bob has served as editor of In-plant Impressions since October of 1994. Prior to that he served for three years as managing editor of Printing Impressions, a commercial printing publication. Mr. Neubauer is very active in the U.S. in-plant industry. He attends all the major in-plant conferences and has visited nearly 170 in-plant operations around the world. He has given presentations to numerous in-plant groups in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including the Association of College and University Printers and the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He also coordinates the annual In-Print contest, cosponsored by IPMA and In-plant Impressions.

An Inkjet Press in Dairyland

The new inkjet color press installed at the Wisconsin Bureau of Publishing and Distribution is 30% faster than the monochrome toner printer it replaced — and the uptime is “outstanding.”

New Research Examines In-house Mailing Operations

To get a better understanding of the mailing services in-plants provide, how mail and package volumes are changing and which mailing technologies in-plants are installing, we surveyed our readers and are in the midst of writing a research report. Here are some of our initial findings.

From the Editor: New Year, New Name

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were brainstorming new names to transform the moldy In-plant Reproductions into something a bit more modern. But that was 23 years ago. It was time for a change.

Too Busy to Promote Your In-plant?

Every year, as I peruse the winning pieces on display at the In-Print awards reception, I'm amazed at how many of the in-plant managers all around me didn't even bother to enter. When I ask some of these managers why, they say, "we meant to, but we got busy." The real question should be, are you too busy to promote your in-plant?

New IPG Survey Looks at In-house Mail Services

Mail is a major part of many in-plant operations. Our data shows that more than 60% of in-plants offer mailing services. To analyze the growth of in-house mail and the opportunities mail can bring, IPG has launched a new survey. It's open to all in-plants, even those that don't offer mail services, and participants are eligible for prizes.

Investment Plans of the Largest In-plants

When we polled the country's largest in-plants in December to rank them by size, we also asked them about their plans to upgrade the technology in their shops. Here's what they plan to purchase in 2019 and where they see the most opportunity for growth.

IPG Visits Three Manhattan In-plants

Hundreds of in-plants call New York City home. IPG Editor Bob Neubauer visited three of them recently, in the investment banking, real estate and public transportation industries, to talk with their managers about the issues they face as in-plants in a big city.

Supporting the Mission — With Inkjet

When it comes to supporting the parent organization’s mission, few in-plants do it better than the Instructional Publication Center at Hemet Unified School District, which now prints all math curriculum materials thanks to the installation of two inkjet presses.

Frank's Parting Gift

Before Frank Davis retired as director of Creative Communications for the University of Washington he had one final goal: upgrade the in-plant’s six-year-old Xerox iGen4 to a more state-of-the-art digital color device.

From the Editor: A Wide Open Opportunity

Print volumes are going down for types of work that have traditionally kept in-plants busy. At the same time, those in-plants producing wide-format projects have discovered a gold mine. Not only are the margins higher, customers are actively looking for new wide-format applications to order.

Enter In-Print 2019 Today

Here's why entering the In-Print contest can help your in-plant demonstrate its value to the organization while boosting the morale of your employees.