Bob Neubauer

Bob Neubauer

Bob has served as editor of In-plant Impressions since October of 1994. Prior to that he served for three years as managing editor of Printing Impressions, a commercial printing publication. Mr. Neubauer is very active in the U.S. in-plant industry. He attends all the major in-plant conferences and has visited more than 180 in-plant operations around the world. He has given presentations to numerous in-plant groups in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including the Association of College and University Printers and the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He also coordinates the annual In-Print contest, co-sponsored by IPMA and In-plant Impressions.

IPMA Report: Relocating an In-plant

In one session at the recent IPMA conference, managers of Blue Valley School District’s in-plant detailed how they were able to get their Overland Park, Kansas, district to approve a new printing facility.

From the Editor: A Triumph in Iowa

I just returned from the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association conference, and what a great event it was. Des Moines turned out to be an excellent location to pull in in-plants from all over the Midwest.

Productivity Soars at Careington With New Digital Presses

The five-employee in-plant at Careington uses the latest Canon digital presses to produce high volumes of transactional and graphic arts printing. Productivity has increased so much with its four Canon imagePRESS V1000s that it’s even adding new types of work – and producing it with fewer employees.

IPMA Report: The Robots Are Coming

One of the most memorable sessions at IPMA 2024 was a presentation by Greg Cholmondeley of Keypoint Intelligence about how artificial intelligence and robotics have advanced in the past 12 months and how this will impact the printing industry.

Attendees Offer Key Takeaways From IPMA 2024

The recent In-plant Printing and Mailing Association conference was a lively experience, teeming with relevant sessions, spirited networking, and countless opportunities to learn from technology vendors. Attendees made the most of it. Here are some of their stories.

IPMA Report: Create a Super Culture

In his morning keynote session on the second day of the IPMA 2024 conference, Chris Cornelison of Solutions RX gave an inspiring presentation in which he detailed how to create a “super culture” in your in-plant.

A Visit to EMC Insurance’s In-plant

During the IPMA 2024 conference in Des Moines, Iowa, IPI Editor Bob Neubauer toured the Print & Graphic Resources operation at EMC Insurance with Supervisor Nate Riggins, who showed off his in-plant’s capabilities, including some impressive wall graphics decorating the company’s hallways.

In-plants With Inkjet Offer Advice

At an in-plant breakout session during the recent Inkjet Summit, four managers with inkjet presses discussed their experiences and answered questions. They gave some invaluable advice.

IPMA Conference Visits Iowa State University’s In-plant

The In-plant Printing and Mailing Association conference wrapped up June 6 in Des Moines, Iowa, with a tour of Iowa State University Printing Services. Attendees boarded buses for the drive to the Ames, Iowa, campus where they were able to walk through the spacious shop and speak with operators.

Bucknell Upsets Yale to Win Best of Show

Bucknell University’s in-plant overcame the odds to win In-Print 2024 Best of Show, beating several much larger in-plants for the top prize. Its victory was announced during the IPMA Awards ceremony.

Small Shop Wins Non-Offset Best of Show

One of the new In-Print categories added to give smaller in-plants better odds turned into a big opportunity for one in-plant, which edged out all the larger shops to take the Best of Show victory.