Mark Michelson

Mark Michelson

Mark Michelson is the Editor-in-Chief of Printing ImpressionsServing in this role since 1985, Michelson is an award-winning journalist and member of several industry honor societies. Reader feedback is always encouraged. Email

Capitol Hill Roundtable Addresses Industry Paper Shortage

Although the paper shortage is top-of-mind in the printing industry, it doesn't capture attention on Capitol Hill. In response, PRINTING United Alliance took its role seriously as the largest printing industry association to draw attention to the ongoing scarcity of printing grades and skyrocketing paper prices.

US House Passes Bipartisan Postal Service Overhaul Bill

The Postal Service reform bill — which reportedly would save the USPS about $50 billion over the next decade — will eliminate a mandate that required the USPS to pre-fund 75 years of retiree healthcare benefits.

RRD Board Agrees to Chatham Acquisition Offer; Will Terminate $2.1B Agreement with Atlas

The RR Donnelley board of directors unanimously determined the unsolicited proposal from Chatham Asset Management to acquire the printer for $10.25 per share in cash constitutes a “Superior Proposal” to the acquisition agreement it signed with Atlas Holdings. But accepting it will bring a hefty $20 million termination fee. Who will be paying that?

Plot Thickens as Chatham Raises Its Bid, for the Third Time, to Acquire RRD

In response to an as-of-yet unnamed "strategic party" that offered to acquire RR Donnelley for $10 per share in cash during the "go-shop" period in which the RRD board of directors could field other offers, Chatham announced it is raising its bid for the third time to acquire North America's largest commercial printer. 

Chatham Raises Bid to Acquire RR Donnelley, Files Lawsuit Against RRD Board

Chatham Asset Management submitted a binding, fully financed offer to acquire RR Donnelley (RRD) for $9.10 per share in cash. And, if the termination fee and expense reimbursement payable under the acquisition agreement RRD reached with Atlas Holding is eliminated, Chatham will increase its offer to $9.34 per share.