Out of Sorts

Dwayne Magee is now in his 17th year as director of Messiah University Press and Postal Services. His department was recipient of the 2018 IPMA Organizational Impact Award, the 2015 IPMA Innovation Award, the 2017 ACUP Green Service Award, and the 2015 ACUP Collaborative Service Award. Prior to joining Messiah, he worked for 17 years at Alphagraphics as an assistant manager and ISO coordinator. He is president of the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He is currently an English major (part-time) with a concentration in writing at the college where he works. Outside of work, Dwayne enjoys exploring spiritual, environmental and social concerns through creative writing and the arts. He can often be found speaking on the topic of diversity in bookstores, public libraries and elementary schools, where he makes use of his award-winning children’s book “A Blue-Footed Booby Named Solly McBoo.” His travel writing and fictional essays have made appearances in various publications including the Northern Colorado Writers Anthology and the Goose River Anthology published by Goose River Press. Dwayne is the father of two boys and he resides in Mechanicsburg, Pa., with his wife Sue and their two dogs. Contact him at: DMagee@Messiah.edu

Just as a construction foreman wants to be sure the building’s base is strong before adding new levels, in-plant managers who attend industry conferences are building upon the foundations laid by those who have gone before them.

Appraising employees’ work is never enjoyable, but you can make it a little easier by clearly defining expectations as well as the process you use for scoring job performance.

Being “all in” in support of his university led to new challenges for Dwayne Magee once the pandemic hit, leaving him with three times the work and one third the staff.

When the in-house printer is responsible for procuring outside printing, everybody wins. Here are some tips so your vendors know what you expect from them.

Although the business of higher education continues to be revolutionized by digital technology, print and mail are still very much a part of day-to-day operations. Who should be responsible for producing this print collateral, an in-plant or an outside firm?

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