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Elevating Mesa
April 1, 2011

Our core business isn't necessarily printing, it's educating students," declares Bill King, Supervisor of Printing and Publishing at Mesa Public Schools. "We ask ourselves, 'How can we shape our operation to mirror the core values of the school district?' "

Six Steps To Make Your In-plant 
Financially Fit
March 1, 2011

In the December 2010 issue of In-plant Graphics, I recommended that every in-plant manager conduct a rigorous financial and business analysis, and then size up the results like a savvy investor would. In short, ask yourself if your in-plant is a "Buy" or a "Hold."

You Can’t Keep
 Offset Down
March 1, 2011

Jimmy Friend didn't want a new offset press. "We thought that we would not invest in offset in the future," reveals Friend, director of University of North Texas Printing Services. His 40-employee in-plant had two HP Indigo digital presses, and was getting good prices for long-run offset jobs from outside printers. Why rock the boat?

University of North Texas Open House Draws Impressive Crowd
January 1, 2011

In December, University of North Texas Print & Mail Services held its most successful open house to date, bringing 140 people into its in-plant for tours, demonstrations and food. Director Jimmy Friend says he targeted vice presidents, deans and department heads this time.

Printing is Alive at UNT
August 2, 2010

Always thinking about tomorrow, University of North Texas Printing Services just added a five-color, 29˝ Ryobi press. Here's a look.

UNT Printing Services Installs Five-color Press
August 1, 2010

With its offset printing work on the rise, the University of Texas Printing Services has just completed installation of a five-color, 29˝ Ryobi 755XLW press. The press is already hard at work printing four-color magazines, booklets, newsletters and much more.