In-plant Graphics May 2010 edition


A Man With a Plan

AT AGE 13, Jim Sabulski was already looking for a job. “I set out to work because I liked being able to buy what I wanted,” declares Sabulski, now manager of Print and Mail Services for Misericordia University, in Dallas, Pa. “I didn’t like having to ask my parents for money.”

ACUP Brings University Print Managers Together Again

After its cancellation last year due to low registration numbers, the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) conference was back with a vengeance this year. Attendees this year hailed from as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Scotland, and included managers from all over the U.S., from Oregon to New Hampshire, with a large contingent from Texas.

An In-plant Victory

It's every in-plant manager's worse fear. You put in a request for new equipment, then find out your upper management is planning to outsource you. That was the situation Mike Schrader found himself in two years ago. His in-plant at Mercury Marine, a leading manufacturer of recreational marine propulsion engines, had just completed a request for proposal (RFP) to upgrade its digital equipment.

Bridging the 
Generational Divide

I WAS talking to a print manager recently who asked me how I handled employees who talk on cell phones and/or send text messages while working. I said well, if it isn't a safety issue, and they're getting their job done, I don't really worry about it. This led into a conversation about the younger generation of workers and prompted me to write this article.

In-plants Gather for Rochester Workshop

Forty-four in-plant managers from 24 universities got together in Rochester, N.Y., last month for a Xerox-sponsored Higher Education Thought Leadership Workshop.

Mission Com-Plate

50 YEARS ago, when the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate sought to raise funds to build a shrine, the beneficent Catholic organization relied on a priest to hand-write and mail letters soliciting donations. A one-man in-house printing and direct-mail operation, Father Edwin Guild was instrumental in the creation of Our Lady of the Snows, among North America's largest outdoor shrines—while incidentally founding what would become a fully staffed, full-service in-plant facility.

Out and About

IT'S CONFERENCE season again, which means that in between writing and editing articles for this issue, I've been dashing off to in-plant events around the country. In the past two weeks I've been to two in-plant meetings (plus the On Demand Show) and talked with dozens of managers about what's happening in their shops.

Quality, Customer Service Help Oregon Shop Flourish

WHEN MARK Dixon inherited the lead role at the University of Oregon's Printing and Mailing Services in December from long-time Director J.R. Gaddis, he started by taking a back-to-basics approach and stamping it with his own progressive twist.