In-plant Graphics May 2012


Crossing Over

By developing and offering cross-media services, an in-plant can bolster its reputation, revenues, and long-term relevance. Getting into cross-media often isn’t expensive or difficult. For example, Quick Response (QR) codes can be created easily, even using free software. And by enhancing capabilities, an in-plant sells itself to its customers.

From the Editor: ACUP Class Reunion

I just got back from a wonderful four-day visit to Harrisburg, Pa. That’s not something you usually hear people crowing about, I know, but Harrisburg was where the Association of College and University Printers held its 47th annual conference, and I was glad to be a part of it.

Helping Yale Look its Best

in 2008, Yale University decided to begin construction of a new Yale School of Management. Yale Printing & Publishing Services was located in a building that was scheduled for demolition. To determine whether outsourcing made sense, the university did a complete financial review of the in-plant. The study revealed that it would be more costly to close the shop and outsource than to move it.

In-Print 2012 Salutes In-plant Quality

With entries up this year, In-Print 2012 proved to be an exciting contest. In all, 79 winners were chosen from 37 different in-plants. These included some 20 winners that have never won an In-Print award in the past.

On Demand Show Preview

For it’s 19th year, the On Demand Conference and Exposition has gone back to its roots. After several years on the road (Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C.) it will return to New York this year, taking place June 13-14 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the products that will be on display.

Teamwork, Technology Revive In-plant

A year and a half ago, Shana Farrell, Printing Services and Distance Learning Manager at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wis., organized a recognition event for her staff of six. She invited not only her boss but the college president. There, each employee received individual recognition for his or her hard work and dedication. Afterward, Farrell says, she noticed everyone was working harder and enjoying their jobs more.

Ted Bailey: A Printer from the Start

Ted Bailey’s dedication to printing began at an early age. During his high school years in Ontario, Calif., Bailey, now manager of printing and graphic services at Boise State University, worked for a commercial printer, along with his brother, doing miscellaneous bindery work. After taking some graphic arts classes, he was hooked.