In-plant Graphics October 2010 edition


Accidental Start to a Flourishing Career

AS A high school student in Cedar City, Utah, Doug Maxwell had no particular career path in mind. He got good grades, was on the debate team and enjoyed hanging out with his buddies. So when some of those buddies enrolled in Cedar City High School's graphic arts program, Maxwell figured, why not?

Comprehensive Service in Cincinnati

The in-plant serving The Cincinnati Insurance Companies demonstrates a talent for saving, finding and making all the time necessary to reduce costs and satisfy ultra-tight turnaround requirements.

Cross Media: A New Role for the

In-plants have the opportunity to change the scope of their offerings by adding the same kinds of non-print services offered by many commercial operations. These new offerings—often termed cross-media or integrated services—typically involve some type of outgoing marketing offers or other communications to customers or prospects.

Marketing Ideas on a Shoestring Budget

We asked 10 managers how they market their in-plants—without a marketing budget. They offered some excellent ideas.

New Press in the Pinelands

For Steve Amitrano, getting a four-color press was always in his long-range plans. For many years, his six-employee in-plant at New Jersey's Burlington County College (BCC) had been running tons of four-color work on its two-color presses, fitting it in between two-color jobs.