In-plant Graphics October 2011


A Lifelong Printer

ASK BILL Neff about the key to his success over his long printing career and he'll tell you it's his ability to listen—to customers and coworkers alike. His prowess at solving problems, his knack for adding just the right services to his in-plant—it all comes down to paying attention when people talk, and not being afraid to ask, "What more can I do to help?"

Bringing It 
All Together

IN A CLASSIC "Peanuts" comic strip, Schroeder confronts Charlie Brown with scores of numbers to illustrate the ineptitude of their eternally winless baseball team. He builds quite a case, and when he finally finishes recounting the team's blundering exploits, Charlie Brown offers a curt reply.

Church Enjoys 
In-house Advantage

THE AFRICAN Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) Sunday School Union has been in continuous operation for 127 years, making it one of the oldest continuously operating black publishing companies in America. Located in Nashville, Tenn., it publishes a range of items to support more than 3,000 AME churches across the United States.

Finding Fulfillment

The deeper an in-plant can weave itself into the fabric of its parent organization, the better off it will be. Knowing this, some in-plants are endearing themselves to customers by offering fulfillment services, saving those customers from having to do this work themselves.

Graph Expo: A Glimpse of Printing’s Future

JUDGING BY the number of in-plant managers walking the Graph Expo show floor last month, there are quite a few in-plants itching to leave the recession behind and get busy adding equipment. The show gave them plenty to ogle, too, particularly in the inkjet arena.

Graph Expo: A Show for In-plants

The strong turnout of in-plants at Graph Expo took me by surprise. With all the travel cutbacks of recent years, I thought we'd have trouble filling seats at the roundtable luncheon we hosted; we ended up with a packed room. I could hardly turn a corner at the show without bumping into an in-plant manager.

Ithaca’s Digital Shift

WAYNE FRENCH didn't need a crystal ball to see what was coming. With two Shinohara presses, his in-plant at Ithaca College was proficient at churning out long runs of materials for the 119-year-old private school. The trouble was, these pieces were largely being warehoused, where many became outdated before they could be used.

Paper Buying Survey

Judging by the 405 responses we got to our biennial paper buying survey, paper is still a hot topic—even though a growing number say they buy less of it than they did two years ago.

Preparing for 
Hurricane Season

Since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, hurricane preparedness in the region has gone to a whole new level. The Mississippi Department of Transportation is making a concerted effort to keep its Gulf Coast residents aware of what to do in the event of an approaching storm by raising awareness in the coastal region.