July 2013


Are You A Trustworthy Manager?

We face an ongoing challenge to build a trustworthy team that reliably serves our key stakeholders. The starting place is to have the team led by a trustworthy leader—you. How can we develop a higher level of trustworthiness for ourselves and our teams? Let me share some ideas, largely based on the work of Dr. Robert Hurley, a respected professor, consultant and former manager.

Big Upgrades at Methodist Healthcare

“A business card is very personal. It’s representative of the individual,” explains Michael Schaefer, Print Center director at Methodist Healthcare System. “So I tell the employees, ‘You may think it’s just a card, but that’s got their name on it.’”

Church Mutual Expands Into Four-color

“The demand for two-color has definitely declined over the years,” remarks Ryan Podeweltz, production print supervisor at Church Mutual Insurance Co. As a result, the one- and two-color Hamada presses at the Merrill, Wis., in-plant were no longer as busy as they once were, leaving the shop’s four employees in a precarious position.

From the Editor: Where Are the In-plants?

In the past two months I’ve been fortunate to attend both the Association of College and University Printers and the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association conferences, where I saw about 215 managers, all told. It was great to see them, and as far as I could tell each of them thoroughly enjoyed the events. I can’t help but wonder, though: where are the rest of them? There are tens of thousands of in-plants out there; around 20,000 of them read this magazine. Yet most remain holed up in their shops, alone with their thoughts and troubles, no one to confer with.

Hot Products

Designed for high-quality, low-cost output in production environments, the new Ricoh Pro C5100s digital color printer prints 65 color prints per minute at resolutions up to 1,200x4,800 dpi. Its Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology emits laser beams to adjust to sheet expansion and contraction, minimizing color shift. The printer automatically readjusts paper to align front and back registration for more accurate printing during long print runs. An elastic fusing belt ensures more consistent transfer and toner adhesion on specialty stocks.

IPMA 2013 Conference: Bayside Blockbuster

In the Hall of Fame of great conferences (if there were such a thing) it would be tough to beat last month's In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) conference. The location, on the outskirts of San Francisco, was excellent; the weather was sunny and pleasant throughout; the lineup of speakers and topics was among the best ever, with a nearly overwhelming amount of useful, timely information presented; and the evening boat cruise on the San Francisco Bay provided that combination of stunning views and friendly fraternization often sought but rarely achieved.

Jerry Hill: Born to Print

Spend just a few minutes with David "Jerry" Hill, the new California State Printer, and you'll feel like you've been friends for years. His cordial demeanor puts newcomers at ease as he quickly launches into stories from his long life in the printing business. And having spent nearly every one of his 66 years in a print shop, Hill has a lot of tales to tell.

LDS Church Wins Best of Show

Having entered the In-Print competition since the 1980s, the Printing Division of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has amassed an impressive collection of awards—enough to line a long hallway in its Salt Lake City facility. And it's no wonder; the in-plant's 350 employees see their work as a reflection of their devotion to the church, so they take great pride in producing the best possible quality in every project they undertake.

University of Oklahoma Wins Organizational Impact Award

The employees of University of Oklahoma Printing and Mailing Services understand that what they do has a bigger impact on the success and advancement of the university than just putting ink on paper. The products produced and distributed by the 94-employee in-plant directly reflect the values and goals of the university.

UT Austin Named Mail Center of the Year

The University of Texas at Austin Document Solutions has undergone more changes during 2012 than in the previous 20 years combined. So says Director Richard Beto, who oversees a staff of 55 employees in this Central Texas print and mail operation.

Web-to-Print: The First Step to Production Efficiency

In today's Web-connected world, real-time access and a laser focus on developing efficient processes are driving many business decisions. Web technology enables in-plants to create self-service options for buyers to order, track and collaborate on jobs using the Internet. As a result, Web-to-print storefronts have become an important part of the print business.

WSU Program Takes Top Prize

As he sat at the IPMA awards banquet last month, watching the video of the In-Print contest judges selecting the Best of Show winner, Steve Rigby was surprisingly calm. Two of Washington State University's Gold-winning pieces were among the final four, and he was feeling rather confident.