July 2016


A Feather in Yale’s Cap

As he headed to last month’s In-plant Printing and Mailing Association conference, Frank Savino had faith.

Church of Scientology Wins Best of Show

To say that Jud Posner was stunned when he learned his in-plant’s booklet won an In-Print 2016 Best of Show award is an understatement.

Color Matching Digital With Offset

Digital and offset presses are used together on a mixture of materials so printers need to stand up to the challenge of color matching.

Drupa 2016 Recap: Digital Packaging Shines

When it comes to drupa, pundits typically want to paint with a broad brush to create a tagline that best describes the prevalent theme.

Drupa 2016 Technology Review

Here’s a sampling of just some of the new products that were featured at drupa 2016.

Four-Color Press a Good Move for Valdosta

To capture more four-color recruitment work, Valdosta State University Printing and Copying Services installed a four-color press.

From Potatoes to Printing

An unwritten part of Sylvia Marmon’s job as supervisor of Print and Mail Services is to make Boise the most livable city in the country

From the Editor: Why Do I Do This to Myself?

Sitting in stop-and-go Denver traffic, well into my fifth hour behind the wheel, I started to question my ambitious itinerary.

Kohler Expansion Invigorates In-plant

A major equipment overhaul and facility expansion at Kohler Co. Printing Services has boosted production speed.

Management Software Cuts the Busywork

Adding print shop management software two years ago has increased productivity, automated processes, reduced costs and improved customer service at Point Loma Nazarene University.

New In-plant Research: Equipment and Software Installations

Recent IPG research offers a snapshot of the systems in-plants use and the ones they plan to purchase.

Startup Flourishes with Customer Service

Think you don’t need a Web-to-print system in your in-plant? Read how this print neophyte started a thriving online print business based on a new approach. Perhaps your old approach needs some updating.

The In-plant, 2.0

If you could redesign the in-plant model for today’s world, what would you do differently? Which services would you include? Here are some thoughts on the unintended consequences of charging back, which work you should outsource and why integrating the fleet is crucial.

Wide-Format Adds Printing Possibilities at Amherst

When a printer is on sale for less than what you normally spend to buy ink for your other printers, you don’t pass up the opportunity.