June 2013


A New World

Stepping into The World Bank’s bright, spacious Printing & Multimedia Services operation on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., one is immediately struck by how much this in-plant has advanced from its days in the basement of the Bank’s downtown D.C. headquarters.

ACUP Comes to Minneapolis

For the first time in its 49-year history, the Association of College and University Printers (ACUP) ventured into Minnesota last month, bringing 80 higher-ed in-plant managers together for four days of networking and education.

Ambitious In-plant Aims for State-wide Business

Strengthening your in-plant by adding new services is an excellent strategy. But finding new customers for existing services may offer even greater possibilities. That’s what Print Services at Hemet Unified School District, in Hemet, Calif., found, after adding yearbook printing to its repertoire three years ago. Manager Karl Melzer then made yearbooks available to other schools in southern California, along with customized student planners, and today the in-plant prints yearbooks for 16 schools and planners for 35. The shop also prints items like class work, banners, envelopes and apparel for other schools.

An Outstanding Contributor

Like many children of his generation, Rob Lingard had dreams of becoming a cowboy. Some aspired to be firemen or football players, but Lingard held visions of becoming the next Gene Autry.

From the Editor: Another Successful ACUP

I just returned from my 18th Association of College and University Printers conference. it was another great conference, bringing together managers from all over the country

Improving Your In-plant

Cyclical and structural changes are reducing the demand for printed products. The cyclical changes are tied to the economy, while structural changes come from technologies that are disruptive to the printing industry, such as the Internet/e-mail, cell phones and e-books, among others.

Lease Negotiation Time

Making timely lease payments can become a challenge. And don’t imagine for a second that lessors will forget about the debt.

New Four-color Press in Arkansas

While many printers are watching their volumes head south, things are a little different for Arkansas State University Printing Services. “Our volume just keeps growing, and the amount of work and the revenue we generate for the university keeps growing,” says David Maloch, assistant director of the nine-employee in-plant. “So they like us over here.”

Striking the Perfect Balance

Shelter Insurance, a recognized insurance and financial services leader, has built a solid reputation on integrity, excellence and an ongoing commitment to improvement. That commitment is reflected in its full-service Document Services operation, located in Columbia, Mo.