March 2017


Finding ‘Pockets of Value’ at Penn State

One of the largest and most successful university in-plants, Penn State’s Multimedia and Print Center keeps things fresh by constantly seeking new services to make its customers’ lives easier.

Ithaca College Adds Value With Dye-Sublimation

With the low cost of entry for dye-sublimation equipment, a growing number of in-plants are discovering that printing shirts, mugs, name tags and other items is a great way to supplement their revenue while bringing value and recognition to their in-plants. Here's how Ithaca College did it.

Masters of Color Control

Printers everywhere are looking for a way to achieve effective color management across their various production processes. G7 qualification may be the answer.

University of Scranton: Reset, Re-Energized and Ready for Action

The University of Scranton’s Printing and Mailing Services has undergone a reboot and transformation of its operation in the wake of former director Ray Burd’s tragic, untimely passing. A wealth of new equipment and capabilities has continued Burd’s quest to serve the university’s overall mission.

Wes Grigg: From 'Just a Job' to Dedicated Printer

Wesley Grigg’s entry into the printing industry was abrupt and pragmatic. But that early introduction to the graphic arts sparked a lifelong fascination that has propelled him through production and sales roles at five printing companies and into his current position as manager of Elon University Print and Mail.

Xerox Color 1000i Smoothes Out Production for Concordia University

If you consistently have problems with a particular piece of equipment, you might decide to work with a different vendor once your lease is up. But for Concordia University Wisconsin Auxiliary Services, five years of difficulties with its digital color printer weren’t enough to keep the in-plant from replacing it with another device from the same vendor.