May 2015

Lead Stories

Dipping Their Wings in the Inkjet Pond

If you peek beneath the feathers and webbed feet of the iconic Aflac Duck advertising character, you will find an in-house inkjet printing powerhouse that produces a heavy print workload for insurance industry giant Aflac’s wide customer base.

Current Features

A Need for Speed in Daytona

Rex Dietrich says his in-plant had a “need for speed”—and it wasn’t because of its proximity to one of the world’s most famous racetracks. It was because the Xerox 700 he was running at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Printing and Duplicating Services in Daytona Beach, FL, simply wasn’t fast enough.

Best Practices: Creativity With Covers

Improvisation has long been a staple of jazz music. So when a job came into his in-plant for a book that would detail an annual jazz concert, Robert Nourse decided to do some improvising of his own.

From the Editor: Brand New In-plants

We’ve all heard scary stories about in-plants that were outsourced in a vain attempt to cut costs; we don’t often hear about companies that open new in-plants for the same reason. So it’s striking that in just the past month I’ve met two managers whose organizations have done exactly that, and another whose college tossed out a facilities management (FM) firm and took over in-house printing. 

Increase Your Value 
and Battle Outsourcing Threats with Web-to-Print

Outsourcing is projected to grow 2.3 percent over the next five years according to the InfoTrends study U.S. Document Outsourcing Market Forecast: 2013-2018. The most important motivating factor is cost reduction.

More Than Just Invoices

When the Pinnacol Print Shop installed a new Xerox Color 1000 in November, it was intended to produce invoices and statements for the Denver-based worker’s compensation provider. But the in-plant quickly learned that its new digital color press would allow it to produce Pinnacol Assurance’s collateral materials in-house as well—work that was previously being outsourced.

One Message, Many Channels, One Brand

As in all communications, you know you have to keep your messaging and branding consistent—but how does that change across multiple channels? You wouldn’t say the same exact thing in an email as you would on a post card. So how do you decide what to say in each unique channel without jeopardizing brand consistency?

Razorbacks Fight to Keep Offset Alive

In June of 2014, 16 employees of Print, Mail, Copy (PMC) Solutions at the University of Arkansas were called into a conference room. Each one received a letter explaining that in two years, offset printing, which had been losing money, would be phased out of the in-plant and they would not be part of the plan moving forward.


Web-to-Print Adoption and Success

InfoTrends estimates that 46 percent of companies have adopted Web-to-print solutions and forecasts that investment will continue at 12.7 percent compound annual growth rate between 2011 and 2016. Info-Trends believes that the share of business ordered via the Internet will continue to grow in the future.