Bernhard Schreier

Heidelberg has restructured its business, resulting in head of sales Jurgen Rautert leaving the company after nearly two decades. Overall sales responsibility has been handed over to chief executive Bernhard Schreier.

After months of speculation, Eastman Kodak has agreed to acquire Heidelberg's digital division. This follows Heidelberg's November announcement that it would stop manufacturing digital printers as part of its realignment. "From now on, Heidelberg will strengthen its focus on the sheetfed offset business," says Bernhard Schreier, CEO of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Kodak will purchase Heidelberg's 50 percent interest in NexPress Solutions L.L.C., a joint venture of the two, and the equity of Heidelberg Digital L.L.C., which made digital black-and-white printing systems. Heidelberg and Kodak created Nexpress Solutions in 1997 to develop a digital color printing press. Heidelberg acquired Kodak's black-and-white digital printing

With digital cameras rising in popularity, and drum scanner lines being pulled from the market, is there a future for scanners? by MARK SMITH When Heidelberg announced it was discontinuing "all scanner development and production operations," it sent a few shock waves through the industry. After all, high-end scanning used to be all but synonymous with Hell drum machines, a tradition Heidelberg inherited when it acquired Linotype-Hell. According to Heidelberg, the market for scanners has experienced a downturn in recent years, with declines as great as 20 percent in 2001 alone, depending on market and product. "This move is a timely

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