Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken has been writing and editing for more than a decade. Her work includes B2B publications – both in print and online – in a range of industries, such as print and graphics, technology, hospitality and automotive; as well as behind the scenes writing and editing for multiple companies, helping them craft marketing materials, write press releases and more. She is a self-proclaimed “tech geek” who loves all things technology, and she knows that she is one of a select group of people who get to do what they love for a living.

Never Stop Evolving

The in-plant for C&S Wholesale Grocers is always looking for new and more creative ways to help further the company’s mission.

‘Leap of Faith’ Pays Off for Paul Sprow

Paul Sprow has worked at several in-plants in his 40 years in the printing industry. “I’m glad I went the path I did,” he declares. “I have no regrets.”

Postpress Considerations for High-Speed Production Inkjet Printing

Although inkjet technology has been changing to meet the modern era, it’s not just the inkjet press that has to evolve. Postpress equipment has had to take just as many leaps forward to ensure it can meet — or even exceed — the speeds and capabilities of the printing process.