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Get Organized?Get Computerized
January 1, 1999

Ditch that peg board. Computer management systems are the best way to track and schedule jobs—as well as collect data to justify your in-plant. Up until a few years ago, Mike Kalstein took a very hands-on approach to managing. "We tracked jobs manually using a production board, moving pegs around," admits Kalstein, in-plant manager for the California State University at Sacramento. That peg board has gone the way of the slide rule, replaced by a modern computer management system, which the shop uses to track its approximately 1,000 jobs per year. And Kalstein wouldn't go back for the world. Computer management

Avoid Headaches, Manage Your Shop Effectively
January 1, 1998

Need order in your life? A computer management system can help you achieve that, as well as productivity, efficiency and convenience. What if you could determine the status of any job, at any time, from anywhere in your in-plant? What if you could put customers at ease by instantly telling them the status of their jobs? What if you could determine the estimated cost of a job without putting pen to paper? Well you can—if you own a computer management system (CMS). Such a system lets you offer customers efficiency, convenience and accuracy at the touch of a button, while eliminating