Continuous Improvement

Howie Fenton is an independent consultant who focuses on analyzing/benchmarking the performance of printing operations. Fenton helps companies use metrics, best practices and workflow strategies to streamline operations. Call (720) 872-6339 or email

Staffing issues have become one of most significant issues in-plants are struggling to overcome. In this new blog from Consultant Howie Fenton, he relates how one in-plant manager is handling this.

The word “innovation” is not one of the typical subjects discussed in trade magazines or at shows, but maybe it should be. Considering the relentless outsourcing threats and fierce competition in-plants face, perhaps innovation should be a critical success factor for in-plants.

Want to improve the performance of your in-plant? That’s a no-brainer. In-plant managers and their supervisors all understand the importance of keeping in-plant operations in peak condition. But don’t wait until you’re under the gun to measure performance.

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