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Last Chance to Take Survey of Higher-Ed, K-12 In-plants
August 27, 2019 at 3:25 pm

Though preliminary results from our new survey of higher-ed and K-12 in-plants show that nearly 83% provide wide-format printing, that number is sure to rise as more in-plants take the survey.

In-plant Paper Buying Trends
August 14, 2019

Our new in-plant paper buying survey reveals how much in-plants spend on paper, which papers are most popular and much more.

Trends and Services in the In-plant Industry
August 14, 2019

To better understand the current state of the in-plant market, In-Plant Impressions conducted a detailed online survey. This report analyzes that data, examining changes in services that in-plants provide, shifts in p

How Green is Your In-plant?
August 14, 2019

Environmental sustainability has been an issue for printers for decades, but as our new sustainability survey reveals, concern about sustainability varies widely.

In-plant Salary Survey 2017
August 14, 2019

As the U.S. economy continues to improve, the salaries of in-plant managers have likewise risen. Since 2015 they have gone up 4.3%. The median salary over those two years rose by almost the same percentage: 4.2%. This special report breaks down the salaries of in-plant managers by region, industry, in-plant size and a variety of other categories.

In-plants at Manufacturing Companies
August 14, 2019

Manufacturing company in-plants represent the largest sector in In-Plant Impression’s database of subscribers. Respondents to our latest survey hailed from a variety of manufacturing companies. Their in-plants ranged from single-employee shops to 40-employee operations. The average number of employees was 9.7 and the median number was six.

New Research Examines In-house Mailing Operations
February 6, 2019 at 4:20 pm

To get a better understanding of the mailing services in-plants provide, how mail and package volumes are changing and which mailing technologies in-plants are installing, we surveyed our readers and are in the midst of writing a research report. Here are some of our initial findings.