Bob has served as editor of In-plant Impressions since October of 1994. Prior to that he served for three years as managing editor of Printing Impressions, a commercial printing publication. Mr. Neubauer is very active in the U.S. in-plant industry. He attends all the major in-plant conferences and has visited nearly 170 in-plant operations around the world. He has given presentations to numerous in-plant groups in the U.S., Canada and Australia, including the Association of College and University Printers and the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association. He also coordinates the annual In-Print contest, cosponsored by IPMA and In-plant Impressions.

About five years ago, the San Joaquin Delta College Publication Center, in Stockton, Calif., retired its offset presses and moved to an all-digital production platform. This consisted of color and monochrome digital devices operated by the in-plant's staff as well as a monochrome digital press available for walk-up traffic.

When will an inkjet production press make its way into your in-plant? The technology is advancing steadily, and a handful of in-plants have already invested in it, but for most managers, inkjet means wide-format, not high volumes and high speeds.

California State Printer Jerry Hill spent Ben Franklin's 308th birthday hosting an open house at the Office of State Publishing (OSP) to promote the in-plant's newly expanded facilities and upgraded capabilities.

Snoop Lion gets it. Lyrics from the rapper's songs were printed on 10-lb. onionskin with a perforation at the gutter and bound together with a hemp-covered case and a red phosphorous textured spine. Rolling Words debuted at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival where 420 elite and rare "prototypes" were handed out to fans of the hip-hop star.

In six locations across the country, in-plants have been gathering over the past month for one-day networking forums. Coordinated by the In-plant Printing and Mailing Association, the regional meetings were designed to bring in-plants together with others in their areas while spreading the word about the benefits IPMA can bring to them.

Spend just a few minutes with David "Jerry" Hill, the new California State Printer, and you'll feel like you've been friends for years. His cordial demeanor puts newcomers at ease as he quickly launches into stories from his long life in the printing business. And having spent nearly every one of his 66 years in a print shop, Hill has a lot of tales to tell.

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