Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and Packaging Impressions.

Wide-format Summit Goes Live

As the attendees of the ninth annual Inkjet Summit are winding down their program’s final day at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines on July 28, attendees of the Wide-format Summit will be commencing the first day of theirs in the same elegant location.

Inkjet Summit Less Than Three Weeks Away

Nearly three dozen in-plant managers have signed up to attend the ninth annual Inkjet Summit, which will feature in-depth information about inkjet technology and the business opportunities it has created.

Why Inkjet Will Lead the Industry’s Recovery

With production inkjet equipment, experts say, “you can make more money than you are making with whatever you are printing on today.” Four senior industry analysts discuss why they think inkjet is well-positioned to lead the recovery.

In-plants that Serve Electric Utilities

By controlling costs, meeting tight deadlines, and adding value, utility company in-plants prove themselves indispensable to the energy companies they serve.

LED-UV Curing: A Dry Topic Worth Exploring

LED ultraviolet curing has made the pressroom drying bottleneck a thing of the past. Printers find it a flexible, cost-efficient way to increase job throughput and enhance the quality of the finished product.

Ithaca In-plant Speaks on Web-to-Print Panel

Glendon Harris, Operations Manager of Ithaca College’s in-plant, joined two other printers to discuss how e-commerce-enabled print production has benefited their operations during the Workflow and Software segment of the PRINTING United Digital Experience.

Toner: A Once and Future Technology

Dry and Liquid Digital Toner, a technology near and dear to every in-plant, was the focus of one full day of the PRINTING United Digital Experience. In his keynote, analyst David Zwang made the case that toner is “the digital print of the past and the future.” 

Printers Reveal How Inkjet Has Impacted Business

On Wednesday, the focus of the PRINTING United Digital Experience turned to digital inkjet printing, and two panel discussions with inkjet users focused on how the technology has positively impacted their businesses.