Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and Packaging Impressions.

Succession Planning: A Full-Time Job

Facing continuous staffing pressures, in-plant managers have to accept succession planning as a full-time responsibility. The task starts with having a clear sense of what to look for in people being considered for hiring or promotion.

Staying Staffed and Stable in a Tight Labor Market

Losing key personnel is inevitable. By identifying and grooming management talent, and broadening employees’ skill sets, in-plant managers can prepare for vacancies — and ensure their in-plants continue even after they leave.

Learning — and Earning — With T-Shirt Printing

Both as a sellable commodity and as a teaching tool, the T-shirt has helped Arkansas State University Printing Services add stature to its reputation — and revenue to its bottom line.

A True Blue Asset

After a restructuring that consolidated print, design, and photography services, Middle Tennessee State University’s in-plant has become even more effective in its mission.

Michigan’s Inkjet Strategy

With two new inkjet presses, the State of Michigan’s Print and Mail Management division has big plans for bringing low-cost color to state agencies.

Walls of Wonder: Mastering Wide-Format Installation

Beautifully printed wide-format graphics are just piles of substrate on the shop floor ­until they’re applied to walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces. Installing wide-format ­graphics can be one of the most sought-­after services in-plants provide.

New Xerox Cut-sheet Inkjet Press to Make Inkjet More Affordable

Baltoro HF is not the first cut-sheet inkjet press launched by Xerox, but it is the press that the company is counting on to establish itself as a credible and competitive inkjet solution provider for high-volume transactional work as well as high-quality direct mail, catalogs, books, and commercial print.

Back from the Brink — And Better for It

For in-plants, solid outcomes often require hard decisions about staffing, technology and services offered. This university print center made them — and prospered by sticking to them.

Production Inkjet: ‘It’s Not That Big a Risk’

Much has changed since the first Inkjet Summit in 2013. Inkjet technology has not only proven itself, it’s becoming more mainstream, so the opportunity to use inkjet to get ahead of the competition is fading fast.